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Chemoform AG wins major award

Brand new - and already award-winning

There are many new products but not all of them are true innovations, which enriche the market in a truly sustainable way. „Schwimmbad & Sauna“, Europe‘s largest Pool & Spa Magazine, have therefore set themselves the task of filtering out these innovations and to put them into perspective. This is the aim of the Product Innovation Award „Golden Wave“. The award has a clear focus on the practical benefit of the product.

The list of winners 2013 also includes the Chemoform AG. Chemoform has received this award in the category „Water treatment“ for its new flocculant „Delphin Multiflock Bio“. What makes „Multiflock Bio“ special is that it is a natural product and therefore fully biodegradable. 

But not only the environmental aspects of the product are convincing. The product functions are as convincing. „Multiflock Bio“ does not only bound phosphates and heavy metals such as copper from the water, but also removes residues of sun tan lotions.

It was the 5th „Golden Wave“ awards and the Chemoform AG was already twice rewarded. In 2009 Chemoform was already among the award winners.