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The donation of the Chemoform AG is a big success

Real help gets to where it is needed

Along with the 50 year anniversary in autumn 2012 Chemoform AG made a generous donation to two initiatives in the region. Both initiatives have provided best possible swimming education for children for many years. A first evaluation shows that the donation has been very useful and the donation actually got to where it was needed.

Just a short reminder: The team at Chemoform AG did not only want to celebrate the anniversary but also reflected about how the company could support the region with a meaningful and sustainable contribution.

The result of their reflections have been a generous donation with a total value of 5 000 euros for swimming lessons in the region. Part of their considerations was the fact that there is a increasing number of non-swimmers among childrens – in the region as well as in the whole country.

The donations with a total value of 5 000 euros have been very much appreciated and have actually provided help where it is needed. Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of the Chemoform AG, has received a personal thank you note from a father stating: „Thanks to your donation my daughter is able to participate in a swimming lesson. For this we are all very grateful. (...) Please continue to draw attention with such human gestures.“

Even Werner Fritz, principal of the Mörikeschule Köngen, is very pleased about Chemoform AG's commitment: „Unfortunately, some parents of our school children can simply not afford swimming lessons for their children. Therefore we are very glad that we can help them now thanks to Chemoform AG's generous donation.“

The company has purchased 50 vouchers for swimming lessons for children, each of them having a value of 60 euros - from the sport department of the town Plochingen. These were donated to the principal to hand them over to his pupils.