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"Planet C Stainless steel cleaner" wins a first place in the Swiss consumer magazine "Ktipp"

Chemoform AG wins comparison test

The popular Swiss consumer magazine "Ktipp" tested stainless steel cleaners in its latest edition.

11 products of various manufacturers were tested with a very positive result for the Chemoform AG: The "Planet C stainless steel cleaner" takes the victory.

In its individual rating the testers of “Ktipp” attested the product “very good results in scale and fat removal”. The testers comment further that the product also preserves "the cleaned material very well ".

In their conclusion they resume that "Planet C Stainless Steel Cleaner" is "good and low-priced". It is not only the best product, but also best value for money.

The winning product is part of a product family. Chemoform AG has been offering an extensive range of domestic and semi-professional cleaners for many years under the "Planet C" branding.

All "Planet C" products are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. They are also highly effective in regards to cleanliness, hygiene and care while at the same time being gentle to health, machinery, equipment and facilities.

You can conveniently order the award winning "Planet C Stainless Steel Cleaner" and all other "Planet C" products online here.