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50 years Chemoform AG: Anniversary event a huge success

A great show in Wendlingen

What do James Bond films and the Chemoform AG have in common? Both look back on 50 years of success. While the most famous secret agent in the world takes part in new adventures in the cinemas on his anniversary, Chemoform celebrated its anniversary with around 260 national and international guests on the 8th October. The reviews were very positive in both cases.

It took several months to plan the event. It took about a week to set up the venue. For its 50 year anniversary, Chemoform changed a part of their facilities with the help of a renowned event company into a ceremonial hall. The locations in Wendlingen which are internally called "Werk 4" are normally used as production and logistic facilities. For the 50 year anniversary they were set into a different appearance. This really made an impression on the 120 national and international employees as well as on the 140 guests. The event took place on the 8th october 2012.

Also the entertainment programme had international class: the now world famous "blue men" created an amazing atmosphere with humorous pantomime and exciting music. But this was not the only surprise: The company created an about 3 minute long film especially for the event.

The film gave all guests interesting background information about the company, its philosophy and its vision for the future. This followed the guideline: (Moving) Pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

Even though this was an anniversary celebration, the focus has been on the future rather than on the past. In his speech, Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of the Chemoform AG, presented the company's next big projects. Part of the facilities "factory 4" in Wendlingen will be taken down and new headquarters will be built on the property. Thanks to new intelligent energy techniques the facilities are planned to produce more energy than they consume. With a company-owned play-group Mayer-Klenk, himself a father of four children, also wants to improve the reconciliation of work and family life for the employees of the Chemoform AG.


Chemoform is not only known for innovation and sustainability but particularly for its international position. In the last decades the company has had a continuous focus on its international expansion and is today prepared for the demands of an increasingly global market. And therefore the mayors of the two neighboring communities Wendlingen (factory 1 and 4) and Köngen (factory 2), Steffen Weigel and Hans Weil, also ensure that the Chemoform AG bring "international glamour" to their communities.

Thus it is no surprise that Cedrik Mayer-Klenk's advice is very welcome in various international committees - as the President of the Federation Swimming Pools and Wellness (bsw), Dietmar Rogg, pointed out and appreciated in his speech. Also the international speakers of the evening, Andreas Weissenbacher (CEO of BWT AG from Austria) and Marc Maupas (President FIJA group from France) emphasized his consistent international perspective on developments.

Emotional highlight of the evening was Dr. Gerhard Mayer-Klenk's speech, who founded the company in 1962 at the age of 19. He payed tribute to his son above all for developing Chemoform from a mostly regionally recognized enterprise to a company which is well known and successful all over Europe.

The conclusion of the evening is that Chemoform AG's strategy is clearly focusing on the future - with a clear vision of the next steps.