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50 years of Chemoform AG: a great thing for jubilee

Chemoform supports safety

Chemoform is celebrating its 50th anniversary these days. The company took this occasion to extend its guideline "safety" to other fields. Recent studies show that "swimming" urgently needs additional support in order to increase children's safety while bathing.

The numbers are alarming: According to a recent study by the German organisation for water rescue "DLRG" almost half of all pupils in Germany's fourth grade are not confident and safe swimmers. Moreover, experts warn, that the proportion of non-swimmers has risen sharply in recent years.

"I could not believe it when I first heard these numbers," remembers Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG and himself father of four children. The company was founded in 1962 by his father, Dr. Gerhard Mayer-Klenk and is reknown for innovative quality products to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in private and public swimming pools. The company follows the guideline safety in all production steps – from product development to its application.

Along with the 50 year anniversary, the team at Chemoform reflected about how the company could support the region with a meaningful and sustainable contribution. The result follows the guideline of the company „Chemoform supports safety". And this can be taken literally: Chemoform AG has made a generous donation to two initiatives in the region which care for a best possible swimming education of children.



The company purchased 50 vouchers for swimming pool lessons for children, each of them having a value of 60 euros (total value 3000 euros) from the sport department of the town Plochingen. These were donated to the elementary school in Köngen and given to the principal of the school to hand them over to his pupils. In a second initiative, Chemoform donated 2000 euros to the DLRG-Ortsverband in Wendlingen. This is a regional branch of the German organisation for water rescue „DLRG". The amount reflects the annual entrance fees for the educational swimming pool of the Bodelschwingh school in Nürtingen. The donation enables the DLRG Wendlingen to offer their swimming lessons for beginners at a reduced price at this site for a whole year.

"With these donations we want to help to reduce the alarming numbers of non-swimmers at least in this region", adds Chemoform's CEO Cedrik Mayer-Klenk.