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New cooperation in the German-speaking area

Chemoform is participating in Dr. Nüsken

Chemoform AG and Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH are laying the foundation for a long term strategic partnership in the public swimming pool market.

As part of a long term focus on the public swimming pool market in the German-speaking area, Ludgerus Poggel (shareholder of Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH) and Cedrik Mayer-Klenk (CEO and shareholder of Chemoform AG) decided to enter into a strategic alliance. Hereby, both family-owned companies intend to combine their strengths in order to, among other things, meet the upcoming challenges like the European Biocide Regulation in an increasingly complex market environment.

Following the termination of the joint venture with Tricura Chemoform is now focusing on the strategic realignment on the public swimming pool sector together with Dr. Nüsken, founded in 1934 and based in Kamen/Germany. Cedric Mayer-Klenk is looking forward to implement the long term strategic partnership with Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH.