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Crystal clear pool water with Flockfix LowPhos 

Wendlingen, 23.06.2015. | Refreshing and inviting like a crystal clear mountain lake - not only passionate pool owners envision their pool water to be like this. With the new phosphate-based DELPHIN Flockfix LowPhos flocculant, which was awarded the "Golden Wave" innovation prize in March 2015, cloudy pool water now belongs to the past. The product is free of aluminum salt. Due to its flocculation characteristics, it supports the withdrawal of phosphate in water, which means a more stable and improved water quality with crystal clear pool water.

Phosphates are natural plant nutrients that continually get into the pool water via filling water, people and the environment. It is inevitable that bathers bring skin particles, sweat, or sunscreen into the water, supplemented by dust particles or pollen from the environment. All these substances contain phosphates. Fertilizers containing phosphate are used in agriculture to promote plant growth.

The exact opposite effect is the objective in the treatment of swimming pool water. The less phosphates there are in the water, the lower the growth of algae. However, since phosphate particles are extremely small they are not bound by conventional flocculants. It is for this reason that Flockfix LowPhos has been specifically designed to complement standard flocculants. By adding this innovative preparation, phosphates in the pool water are bound, allowing them to be filtered out, which in turn makes the water clearer.

In other words, phosphate ions precipitate to sparingly soluble compounds in this process, which are retained in the filter as larger particles, thereby reducing the phosphate content of the water. The increased filterability of the water not only allows removal of water turbidity. Due to the resulting lower phosphate levels in the pool water, the input of disinfectants and cleaning agents is also reduced.

Flockfix LowPhos is suitable for sand filter systems as well as cartridge filters, and is ideal also for pools with high water volumes.