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Interesting addition to the range

Chemoform AG has taken over the part pool production of Krülland

Chemoform AG has broadened its range of self-manufactured pool systems: The company has taken over the part pool production of Krülland. From now on Chemoform AG will manufacture these well-known aluminum wall and steel wall pools in its pool production plant located in the french town Buhl.

For decades, the Krülland pools have had a solid fan base all over Europe. And this is true for both end customers as well as pool experts. Since  the pools technical construction is similar to steel pools they can quickly be set up with ease.In addition, the pools walls are made of a very light and corrosion-resistant aluminum, which not only make the pools more sustainable, but also easier to transport. In addition Krülland is also known as a supplier of classic steel wall pools.

After many years of good cooperation, the two companies have now agreed that Chemoform will take over the part pool production of Krülland. Chemoform AG will manufacture both the aluminum wall and the steel wall pools with machines developed by Krülland in its pool production plant in Buhl.

"In this production plant we are, thanks to our experienced team, able to produce steel wall pools of very high quality in large numbers to customers from all over Europe. By manufacturing  Krülland's pool systems we will of course be able to benefit from synergies", Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG, is convinced.

The acquisition of Krülland has also enabled Chemoform AG to make an interesting addition to its range: "Before the acquisition we had not had aluminum wall pools in our range. Now we can offer our customers these pools, made of high quality and manufactured by our own plant", a pleased Mayer-Klenk says.