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Chemoform AG finances remarkable school project

Long-term support secures swimming training

A single help is good, long-term support is better: According to this motto, Chemoform AG has decided to support the primary school of Koengen, where one of the company's main plants is located, with an important project. The primary school will ensure that all pupils can swim safely by the time they have finished primary school. Chemoform AG will on a long term basis finance this swimming training, which is organized by the school and takes place in the public swimming pool of Plochingen.

The starting point of the cooperation between the company and the school has been the anniversary „50 years of Chemoform" in fall 2012. The team at Chemoform AG did not only want to celebrate the anniversary but also reflected about how the company could support the region with a meaningful and sustainable contribution.

The result of their reflections have been a generous donation with a total value of 5 000 euros for swimming lessons in the region – adequate to the company's motto "Chemoform supports safety". Part of their considerations was the fact that there is an increasing number of non-swimmers among children – in the region as well as in the whole country.

Unfortunately this has changed little to this day. Recently, the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) warned that 25 percent of the german population can not swim safely. Among young people, this share lies even higher, at around 35 percent. And this worrying trend is steadily rising.

The people in charge of the primary school in Koengen have observed these trends with growing concern and decided to do something about it. The idea: pupils in second class who cannot swim, will be offeredorganizedswimming lessons by the school. "Since it is not possible for our school to include swimming lessons in regular school sport, this offer is of particular importance. It has always been our desire that no child leaves primary school without sound swimming skills, "says Werner Fritz, the principal of the primary school.


Since some parents simply cannot afford swimming lessons for their children, the school started to search for external financial support. The school discussed the problem with Chemoform AG who immediately fell on sympathetic ears. "As a father of four children, I know exactly how important good swimming training is for the safety of children. That is why we are happy to engage in this project", said Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG.

The teachers are especially grateful about the fact that the financial commitment of the company is not a one-time event, but a long-term support: "The school team and of course also the children would like to thank very much that we are now able to offer this extremely important sports education - today and in the future", said Sabine Geiger, the director of the sports department at the primary school.

The number of participants shows that this action is urgently needed: Already in the premiere season 2014 the primary school has organized two courses with the financial support of Chemoform AG - one for nine and one for ten children.